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Singapore Airlines - AppChallenge 2018


Singapore Airlines (SIA) is widely considered to be the world's best airline and is certainly one of the most awarded on a yearly basis.

The fourth edition of their AppChallenge welcomed participants from Singapore and all over the world to participate in both Singaporean Students and Open categories.

SIA provided problem statements from the following 5 different areas, namely:

  • Improving Mobile App Engagement

  • Offloaded Passenger Compensation Process

  • Enabling the KrisShop Experience

  • Tracking Inventory Usage

  • Tracking F&B Consumption

The Challenge

Being Mav3riks, we decided to go with what we felt was the most challenging out of these.

Offloaded Passenger Compensation Process How can we improve the overall experience for offloaded passengers so that they would continue to fly with SIA, while also reducing the time and effort needed to effectively manage their compensation?

Find out more details on the specific challenge here.

Why did we consider it the most challenging? To start with, it produced the most negative experience for the customer. While other challenges were focused on enhancing engagements and reducing wastage, the premise of this was to ultimately figure out how to turn an extremely negative situation into something positive... and as a “stretch” target, to maybe even make it a delightful experience for the customer.

Although it usually doesn't turn into this - the incident gives you a good idea on how bad the situation can get for both the airline and more importantly, the customer.

Our Approach

Taking a human-centered design approach to tackle an app challenge that is relevant to the airline industry, Mav3rik conducted user research to discover insight into the problem before defining the area to focus upon, which included the creation of personas and user journeys.

The team developed an innovative and researched-based solution for SIA, supported by an architecture revolving around the Salesforce Platform - from Service Cloud to Community Cloud to Mobile and Web engagement apps on Heroku - integrated to existing systems.

Even though we did not get shortlisted from the several thousands of submissions and we were not able to reach the final pitch round in Singapore, we gave it our best shot and are proud of what the team produced in just a matter of weeks. We also had fun while doing it!

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