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Herokai for a Day

We had an awesome time co-presenting with Salesforce and Luxury Escapes talking about extending CRM with Heroku!

Abe (Pursell), Salesforce RVP for Heroku Customer Development from San Francisco, led the way and kicked things off with a bit of history and background on Heroku - how it all began, the value proposition and the key capabilities of the platform.

Tim (Downs), Head of Engineering from Luxury Escapes, then took us through their journey and why they utilised Heroku to deliver better engagement. He had some really funny and interesting slides in his presentation that drove home the message around the value that they get out of the platform and the strong support that customers get behind the scenes.

Our team then took over to walk the audience through the common Heroku patterns and to show a quick demo on how to get started on the platform. The 2 CTAs - Richard and Gary - discussed reference architectures ranging from B2C engagement apps to data archiving. This allowed everyone to really understand Heroku's role in the enterprise and how it fitted in with the rest of the Salesforce (cloud) stack. Sean then finished things off nicely with a live (#brave) demo on setting up Heroku with Heroku Connect and showcasing a B2C app for a hypothetical fitness industry use case.

It was a great day overall! We hope the clients as well as others in the audience gained valuable insights and came out a lot more informed on the power of Heroku as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Watch this space for more details on our service offerings that we launched as part of this event. Looking forward to bringing these Heroku architectures to life!

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